Topping off coolant in the radiator of a vehicle

How Can I Maintain the Cooling System of My Car?

Tips to Maintain Your Vehicle’s Cooling System 

As the temperature soars and summer road trips beckon, it’s crucial to ensure that your car’s cooling system is in tip-top shape. A well-maintained cooling system is your vehicle’s defense against overheating, and it’s essential for a smooth and trouble-free journey. Here are some key tips to maintain your vehicle’s cooling system so that it remains in excellent condition. If you’d like assistance with the following steps or you think the cooling system needs repairing, drop by YEG Drives in Edmonton, AB, for a detailed inspection by one of our expert technicians. 

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Oil changing process at a service station

Where Can I Get My Vehicle’s Oil Changed in Edmonton, AB?

Oil Change Service Near Me in Edmonton, Alberta   

Your vehicle’s engine is like the heart of your car, and just like your heart needs proper care to function efficiently, so does your engine. An important aspect of engine maintenance is the regular oil change service. Please continue reading below to learn more about its benefits. Also, you can get your vehicle serviced at YEG Drives, our dealership in Edmonton, AB.  

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Service professional checking brakes of a vehicle

How Often Should You Get Your Vehicle’s Brakes Inspected?

Learn About the Time Interval for Brake Inspections!

When it comes to vehicle maintenance, few things are as critical as your brakes. They are your first line of defense in avoiding accidents and offering safety on the road. That’s why it’s essential to know how often you should get your vehicle’s brakes inspected. Read this blog post by our team at YEG Drives in Edmonton, AB, to learn more about the time interval at which you should get your brakes checked.

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Salesperson giving car key to the customer

Quick and Hassle-Free: Get Online Pre-Approval for Financing in Edmonton, Ab 

Why Should I Apply for Online Financing Pre-Approval in Edmonton, AB? 

In the world of automotive financing, securing pre-approval is like having the golden ticket to a hassle-free car buying experience. At YEG Drives in Edmonton, Ab, we understand the importance of this crucial step, offering you a seamless and quick online pre-approval process that’s designed to make your vehicle purchase a breeze. 

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hand with a key for remote start

Used Cars, Trucks, and SUVs with Remote Start: Comfort Meets Affordability

Used Vehicles with Remote Start in Edmonton, AB 

Imagine a cold winter morning. The air is crisp, and your vehicle sits covered in a layer of frost. Now, with the push of a button, your car comes to life, its engine purring to warm you up and the frost on your windshield melting away. This scenario is not just a dream; it’s the reality of owning a used vehicle with remote start. If you’re wondering, “Where can I buy used vehicles with remote start in Edmonton, AB?”—look no further than YEG Drives. Meanwhile, this blog explains the benefits of owning a used vehicle with Remote Start. 

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Family at a dealership

Where Can I Find Pre-Owned Chevrolet Vehicles in Edmonton, AB?

Used Chevrolet Vehicles Near Me in Edmonton, Alberta  

When buying a car, the decision can be a significant financial commitment. While purchasing a new vehicle is enticing, opting for a used model can offer a plethora of benefits. If you’re considering buying pre-owned Chevrolet models, we have something interesting in store for you. At YEG Drives in Edmonton, Alberta, we have an impressive inventory of used Chevrolet vehicles, so you have a wide range of options. Continue reading below to learn about the benefits of buying a used Chevrolet.  

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A 2020 Kia Soul backdropped by an evening sky

Where Can I Shop for Used Kia Models in Edmonton, AB?

Purchase a Pre-Owned Kia Vehicle in Edmonton, AB 

In the automotive world, where every turn of the key holds a promise of adventure, YEG Drives is not just a haven for those seeking a car but a companion for the road ahead. Located right in the heartland of Edmonton, YEG Drives presents a curated collection of used Kia vehicles, each telling a story of reliability, style, and innovation. If you’ve been searching for an ideal place to kickstart your car hunt and purchase a pre-owned Kia vehicle in Edmonton, AB, look no further. Drop by our dealership to get a closer look at our extensive collection of Kia models. Also, get in touch with our team to learn more about your favorite Kia sedan or SUV and our available financing options for your next purchase. 

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Service professional working on a vehicle

Where Can I Get My Vehicle’s Wheels Aligned in Edmonton, AB?

Get Your Vehicle’s Wheels Aligned at YEG Drives in Edmonton, AB!

Are you tired of that annoying steering wheel vibration or the uneven tire wear on your vehicle? Well, it might be time to get your wheels aligned, and there’s no better place to do it in Edmonton, Alberta than YEG Drives. In this blog post, we’ll explore why YEG Drives is the go-to destination for all your wheel alignment needs.

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